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About Us

Metro Exporters was Incorporated on 23rd July, 1964 with a vision to develop products of excellent quality at competitive prices for the world markets. We were the first company in the country to be granted the status of EXPORT TRADING HOUSE by the Government of India in 1981. We are the manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Tyres, Agriculture Tyres, Car Tyres, Truck Tyres and Buses Tyres.

We deliver excellent quality Automobile Tyres, Tubes and Flaps for Cars, Trucks/Bus, Tractors (Front & Rear), Tractor Trailers, Forklifts, Dumpers, Loaders, Graders and Earthmovers etc to customers around the globe. Our quality products conforms to CCC, DOT & E4 Standards.

Over a period of nearly 5 decades now, Metro Exporters has grown on a foundation of strong values such as reliability, honesty, customer service, quality and quick shipment. Company’s professionals and production associates work round the clock to bring you the best experience in international business. A team of qualified and experienced engineers ensures a hands-on approach to quality assurance and supply chain management.

Our expertise and advanced technologies make every part of the world easily accessible, bringing our customers closer to their goals. By ensuring reliable and prompt services right from PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT to DELIVERY, we guarantee total satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers.

Our Clients receive regular updates on Production and Logistics related issues, right until the arrival of the vessel. This helps them in planning of their marketing and buying strategies in a proactive manner.

Right value for money and fast turnaround time is of great importance to the success of our customers. At Metro Exporters, we select the most reliable sources with competitive prices and manufacture select products at locations in India and other countries of Asia. We offer multi-port shipments through a single window helping the customers focus on just marketing.

Currently, Metro Exporters serves the markets of Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Our Mission is to lead the way in the field of innovation and bring revolution in the world tyre market by expanding our product range and to delight our customers with best quality product & service.

As a top class organization we shall be looking beyond the just immediate opportunities and create and build up our services with focus on our core competencies and long term perspective.

In the year 1981, Metro Exporters was recognized as the first Export Trading House in the country by the Government of INDIA. From last 47 years of long run, Metro Exporters has developed its strong hold across the world market and its large client base is its earnings.

What make Metro Exporters different are the following key strengths that we are proud of presenting as our Unique Selling Proposition:

The Metro Team
The technical & management team members at Metro have great achievements in their name. We have best technical talents and internationally experienced management leaders. The Metro culture promotes professionalism, pro-active mindset and a desire for excellence amongst its team.

Our Export Areas
Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Botswana, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Client Satisfaction
Metro Exporters pays special attention to provide quality service to its clients & provides them overall satisfaction. Best quality products, timely delivery of shipment and 24 hours presence in service of our clients is helping us keep our customers with us.

Our manufacturers have constantly endeavored to upgrade their technologies & improve work force skills and have also improved plant efficiency by acquiring the latest machinery and equipment required in the area of Rubber Mixing, Extrusions, Calendaring, Bead Forming Machines and Bag-O-Matic curing process.

Research & Development
With an in-house research and development team, our suppliers have been able to pioneer innovative features in our product range. Unique tread patterns that improve tyre grip & related innovations are only some of the improvements that have come as a result of intensive R&D activities. They are fully equipped to handle a variety of testing procedures. They possess advanced testing equipments like Rheometers, Viscometers and Universal Tensile testing machines to carry out the testing of incoming raw materials. They also have dynamic test laboratory facilities where tires are subjected to complex procedures such as plunger testing & endurance testing.

Quality Assurance
A comprehensive Quality Inspection System regulates all operational aspects of our business. It ensures our products & production methods are in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations. Well trained quality assurance staff conducts routine testing & inspections at various stages of manufacturing without defects. This Total Quality Management helps our associates to keep their end users happy and satisfied.

Future Initiative
We have constantly upgraded & modernized our product range & its machinery to acquire a competitive edge in the global market and rank as the leading supplier of complete range of tyres worldwide.

We aim to appoint distributors in each & every country of the world & provide them all back up in terms of quality & services.
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